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 Week 5


Slide Show Options
The Slide Show tab of the ribbon contains many options for the slide show.  These options include:

  • Preview the slide show from the beginning

  • Preview the slide show from the current slide

  • Set up Slide Show

Slide Show Tab


Set Up Slide Show
This option allows you to set preferences for how the slide show will be presented. The options include:

  • Whether the show will run automatically or will be presented by a speaker

  • The looping options

  • Narration options

  • Monitor resolutions

Set Up Slide Show Dialog Box


Record Narration
When you want to record narration for the slides:

  • Click the Record Narration button

  • Click Set Microphone Level to check the levels of audio input

  • Click OK to record the narration

Record Narration Dialog Box


Rehearse Timings

Use Rehearsed Timings to rehearse the timings of slide with audio.

  • Click the Rehearse Timings button

  • Practice speaking and advance the slides as you would in the presentation

  • When you have completed this click through the end of the slide

  • Choose whether or not to keep this timing or to retry

Rehearse Timings Button




  • Create Speaker Notes

  • Print a Presentation

  • Package a Presentation


Create Speaker Notes
Speaker Notes can be added to allow you to create notes for each slide.  To add speaker notes:

  • Select the slide

  • Click View

  • Click Note Pages

  • Click the Click to add Notes section of the screen

  • Type in the Notes for that slide

Notes Page


Print a Presentation
There are many options for printing a presentation.  They are:

  • Slides: These are slides that you would see if you were showing the presentation, one slide per page

  • Handouts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 or 9 per page, this option allows for more slides per page

  • Notes Page: This includes the slides and the speaker notes

  • Outline View: This will print the outline of the presentation


To access the print options:

  • Click the Microsoft Office Button

  • Click Print

  • In the Print Dialog Box, click the arrow next to Print what

  • Choose the format and click OK to print

Print Dialog Box


To print preview:

  • Click the Microsoft Office Button

  • Place the cursor over Print

  • Click Print Preview

  • Click the arrow next to Print What to change print options

  • To print from Print Preview, click Print

Print Preview


To Exit Print Preview:

  • Click the Close Print Preview button

Print Preview Close Button


Package a Presentation
There are times when you want to package a presentation with all of the additional files attached as well.  To package a presentation for CD:

  • Click the Microsoft Office Button

  • Click Publish

  • Click Package for CD

  • Type a name for the CD

  • Click Copy to CD or Copy to Folder

Package for CD Options



  • Design Tips

  • Presentation Tips

  • Spell Check


Design Tips

  • Slides should be of a consistent design throughout the presentation

  • Use graphics and pictures when possible

  • Remove unnecessary information and graphics

  • Use contrasting background and text colors

  • Keep the number of fonts used in the presentation to 3

  • Keep the fonts consistent throughout the presentation


Presentation Tips

  • Identify the critical information for your presentation

  • Use no more than 6 bullets per page

  • Bullets should be short ideas, not complete sentences (these should be your talking points)

  • To start the Slide Show, Click Slide Show on the Presentation Views group on the View tab

  • Use the arrow keys to move forward or backward in a presentation

  • Press the Escape (Esc) key to end the slide show

  • A pen tool is available for drawing on the screen with the mouse. Press CTRL+P or click the right mouse button at any time and a popup window will appear. Choose Pen and the pointer will change to a pen that allows you to draw freehand on the screen using the mouse. Press the E key to erase all pen strokes. Press CTRL+A to disable the pen feature and revert the pen back to a pointer arrow.

  • If you would like to use the pen to draw on a blank screen during a presentation, press the B or W keys, or select Screen/Black Screen from the popup menu and the screen will turn black. Press B or W again or choose Next from the popup menu to return to the presentation  when you are finished drawing.

  • To hide the pointer and button from the screen press the A key.

  • Be sure to preview the slide show using a projector if one will be used during the presentation. Words or graphics that are close to the edge of the screen may be cut off by the projector.


Spell Check
To check the spelling throughout a presentation:

  • Click the Spelling button in the Proofing group on the Review tab

Check Spelling Button


Activity 5.1

-       Demonstrate  in the lab. How to preview the slide show from the beginning.

-       Demonstrate in the lab. How to preview the slide show from the current slide.

-       Demonstrate in the lab. How to set up slide show.